Galvanized Stitching Wire

This wire is made out of Mild Steel wire coated with zinc by electro plating process. This wire is the cheapest of all the qualities available & all the corrugators also mostly use it.This Wire is Highly Economic. We even offer rust resistant Galvanized Stitching Wire.Wire is clean and free of dirt and contamination, Consistent color and smooth surface, No flaking of protective coating, Wire flows freely off the spool without dropping off the spool, No kinks or bends in the wire

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Pure Brass Stitching Wire

This wire is made out of Pure Brass Wire, containing pure copper & pure zinc. This wire doesn’t have a single percentage of mild steel in it,which gives you total relief from the rusting factor.This wire also gives you the better look due to its bright yellow color. The cost of it is higher than other wires made out of mild steel. But by calculating the cost of pins per box,you can observe that by spending few more amount,you can save the life of your highly costlier boxes.This is the main reason why many Multi National Companies have stopped using any kind of steel wires & started using only brass (or copper) wires in their boxes.

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Pure Copper Stitching Wire

This wire is made out of Pure Copper Wire.This wire also doesn’t contain a single percentage of mild steel giving you complete solution of rusting problem.This wire also costs you almost nearer to the Brass wire. This Gives a pure Solution over rusting problem & give richness of Pure Copper. Pure Copper Stitching Wire is used in corrugated packaging industry for ensuring durable packing of boxes. We manufacture this wire in various sizes and even as per client's requirement

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Galvanized Round Wire

We offer our clients an array of galvanized round wires for Armouring that is defined by industry norms and standards. These products are appreciated throughout the world for their uniform zinc coating, tensile strength, elongation and dimensional accuracy. in addition to this, our products find their extensive usage in various industries. These products are available in different sizes and thickness.Pure The products are used for manufacturing low-current, low-voltage and medium voltage cables such as Energy, telecommunication, instrumentation, Traffic signal, underwater and data etc.

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Our Commitment

We take our customer service very seriously. We are continually reviewing ways in which to ask our customers what they think of our service and what we could do to make things even better.

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Our Marketing and Post Sales Team will cater not only till material gets delivered at your door but also will assure that you are always obliged to do business with us.

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About Industry

Sri Balaji Wire Industry is founded by Mr. Atul Gaikwad & Mr. Amol Gaikwad. He has emerged as a successful Entrepreneur in the field of Production and Fabrication Industry.

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